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Daintree Blackbean Cartridge Wax

  • 100mL
  • Sandalwood and Cedarwood Fragrance
  • Extreme pulling power for multi directional hair growth
  • Spreads thin while the dark colour allows you to see where you have applied it, zero residue.
  • Recommended for unruly, strong hair, perfect for male waxing.
Synthetic Wax

Black Bean, also known as the Morton Bay Chestnut is a flowering plant native to the rainforest regions along the east coast of northern Australia. Renowned for its stunning red and yellow flowering displays, the Black Bean is one of the largest families of flowering plants.

Black Beans are a hardy plant that can tolerate a variety of conditions including frost, heavy shade and full sun. Jax Wax Australia’s Daintree Black Bean Wax has been formulated for strong coarse hair and can be used in a variety of climates including frosty cooler climates and burning desert sun. Indigenous Australians found the Black Bean’s seeds a reliable, source of protein, fat and fibre. Beauty professionals will also find Jax Wax Australia’s Daintree Black Bean Wax to be a reliable high performance wax especially suited to tough male hair.

Cooktown Orchid Cartridge Wax

  • 100mL
  • Rose Fragrance
  • Made with synthetic resins and titanium dioxide for the most sensitive skin types.
  • Will spread ultra-fast, ultra- fine, leaving zero residue behind.
  • Recommended for Brazilian strip waxing & sensitive areas.
Synthetic Wax

The stunning Cooktown Orchid is Queensland’s floral emblem. It is native to Queensland’s northern tropics and is named after the northern Queensland town of Cooktown. The Cooktown Orchid grows in a wide variety of habitats around the Cape York Peninsula ranging from coastal scrub on trees and rocks, to mangroves, riverine vegetation, rainforest, vine thickets, gullies in open forest and even swamps.

Jax Wax Australia Cooktown Orchid Wax is a formulated for mainly humid tropic conditions as it is a faster setting wax designed with the ability to be applied thinly. The Australian indigenous people used the Cooktown Orchid for medical purposes, and outer foliage has heated and used as a decorative binding on their tools, waist-belts and other ornaments. Jax Wax Australia Cooktown Orchid Wax is a versatile synthetic wax formulated without pine resin and is perfect for people who suffer sensitivity, Brazilian and underarm waxing.

Sydney Waratah Cartridge Wax

  • 100mL
  • Strawberry Fragrance
  • Removes short & stubborn hair.
  • No sticky residue.
  • Recommended for all areas and all types of hair
Pine & Synthetic Blend Wax

Waratah is New South Wales’ floral emblem. The name waratah comes from the Eora Aboriginal people, the original inhabitants of the Sydney area and means ‘red flowering tree’. Aboriginal people would sip the dew from the Waratah in the early morning, its invigorating essence believed to bring courage, especially when one is ill. The nectar was also ingested, providing a sweet treat.

Jax Wax Australia Sydney Waratah Wax has an enticing sweet strawberry fragrance which is easy to apply. Waratahs can be found in scrublands and open forests and thrives in areas with cold and semi-tropical climate. Jax Wax Australia Sydney Waratah Wax is formulated for a range of climates and is the ideal wax for coarse strong hair. The Waratah has large, oblong, leathery leaves with coarsely toothed edges and its flowers are made up of many bright red small flowers which looks like one flower.

Alpine Bluebell Cartridge Wax

  • 100mL
  • Lavender Fragrance
  • Lavender essential oil softens the skin.
  • Super glide technology provides fast, fine application.
  • Superior grip, no residue.
  • Recommended for all skin and the shortest, toughest hair.
Synthetic Wax

The Royal Bluebell is a violet coloured Australian wildflower and the floral emblem of the Australian Capital Territory. Royal Bluebell occurs mainly in sub-alpine woodland in the Australian Capital Territory, south-eastern New South Wales and Victoria. It is suitable for growing in sunny or semi-shaded positions in cool regions. The Royal Blue Bell makes a great ground cover and grows very well in shallow pots and hanging baskets.

Jax Wax Australia’s Alpine Bluebell has been formulated to be used in all types of climates from cool Alpine regions to mild temperate areas. The Australian indigenous Wurundjerri people used the flowers as bush tucker for a very long time. Jax Wax Australia’s Alpine Bluebell Wax is a versatile wax suitable for a wide range of treatment areas from delicate facial waxing to a full leg wax.

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